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My name is Jeff Daitsman.  I have been an early childhood educator since 2007.  In that time I have worked in classrooms with children ranging from several weeks old to as late as third grade, and all ages in between.  I currently teach in a bilingual Spanish/English preschool classroom in San Francisco.  I have an AAS in Child Development from Truman College and a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and in Psychology: Human Development from National-Louis University.  While I view myself primarily as a teacher, I have a research background as well, having worked as a research assistant in the psychology departments of National-Louis University and of University of California, Berkeley.  I have also published teacher research based on my experiences as a classroom teacher, and a list of my publications can be seen below.


Daitsman, J. (2014). Empowering Children through Gender Diversity.  In L.W. Watson (Ed.) It Takes Team Effort: Men and Women Together to Enhance Children’s Lives.  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Daitsman, J. (2012). Reflective Early Childhood Educators’ Social Seminar: RECESS.  In G. Perry, B. Henderson, & D.R. Meier (Eds.) Our Inquiry, Our Practice: Undertaking, Supporting, and Learning from Early Childhood Teacher Research(ers).  Washington, DC: NAEYC.

Daitsman, J. (2011).  The Teacher With the Beard: A Nurturing Male Helps Children Overcome Bias.  In L.W. Watson & C.S. Woods (Eds.), Go Where You Belong: Male Teachers as Cultural Workers in the Lives of Children, Families, and Communities.  Boston, MA: Sense Publishers.

Daitsman, J. (2011).  Exploring Gender Identity in Early Childhood through Story Dictation and Dramatization.  Voices of Practitioners, 6 (1).  Online:

Daitsman, J. (2009).  “Once Upon A Time There Was…”: Forms and Functions of Story Dictation in Preschool.  In D.R. Meier (Ed.), Here’s the Story: Using Narrative to Promote Young Children’s Language and Literacy Learning.  New York: Teachers College Press.

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